Thursday, June 20, 2024

Almost anyone can create a mobile application. Well, maybe not anyone, but the barriers of entry are very small compared to many other areas of the market. A few days of work is enough to create a simple mobile app. At one time, we experienced a boom in “Internet businesses”, at the other most of these projects failed very quickly. Now, the next generation of ambitious developers is trying their hand at creating mobile applications. If you are one of them, read the text below and learn about important forms of promotion that will help you achieve your goal. If you resign from the marketing activities, you can easily fail. You can learn about the most effective way of launching applications in the market, on this website:

AppStore and Google Play text optimization

If you want to increase the chances that someone will find your application at all, optimize the listing about it in the AppStore and Google Play. Consider who is your recipient and what keywords they can search for the service you offer. Include these phrases in the name of the application and its description.

First impressions are very important in both marketing and sales, and you only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention. Use screenshots that show both the functionality and aesthetics of the application. Contrary to appearances, visual aspects are very important. Experienced developers of mobile applications such as know that the app should be beautiful, simple and useful. Make sure that your application is exactly like this and that the way it is presented in the market shows it clearly.

Use the power of social media

Some assume that if their recipient is, for example, a business customer, there is no point in promoting the product on Facebook. They couldn’t be more wrong. Of course, in some industries, it’s much harder to get engagement with posts and build a community on a fanpage. Nevertheless, the times when these were the priorities of Facebook marketing activities are over. Now, the first thing that matters is the recognition of the target group and well-targeted advertising.

There are over a billion Facebook users. Your potential customers are also among them. If you use the available advertising system skillfully, you will reach your target group at a relatively low cost. When it comes to Facebook activities, your priority should be conversions, not the number of fans. Mark Zuckerberg’s website allows you to create ads specifically focused on downloading applications and measure the effectiveness of actions taken.

Everyone is on Facebook, but it’s very possible that your audience is more active on Twitter. Do you want to reach users of mobile devices, geeks, young people, heavy-users? Twitter is the perfect place. As much as 80% of the people there are mobile-only users! In addition, there is something on Twitter that only exists in theory on Facebook. It is a hashtag that allows you to reach content and accounts related to a specific topic. It lets you both find the users you are interested in and make it easier for them to reach you.


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