Thursday, April 18, 2024

Chances are that when you first hear about industrial air-cooled chillers, they fall into the category of those things you never learned about. They don’t talk about them in high school or college, or even in business schools. Yet, they are incredibly important in some situations. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you should know about buying an air cooled chiller.

It’s Important To Do Your Research

If you own a large building, air chillers can be an absolute must. However, there is a lot of different information out there, so when shopping for an industrial air chiller or any other type of way to heat your large space, it’s important to be well informed.

This is a huge expense that may or may not be something you want or need to invest in, based on your own specific needs. Learning as much as you can about these types of air-chillers and what they do will be helpful in your decision making as the owner of a large building.

Don’t Assume You Won’t Need One Based on Climate

In most large buildings, including schools, plants, warehouses, factories, and corporate office buildings, temperature can be a huge issue. This is especially true in extremely warm and extremely cold climates and even more true in the winter months.

Yet, just because you’re located in a warmer climate does not mean you won’t need an air-chiller. Indoor temperatures can drop quickly depending on the type of materials you’re working with as well as the number of workers inside at any given time.

If you can, make sure you are measuring the inside temperature on any given work day. It’s important to verify whether it’s so low that working in such an environment would be uncomfortable. It’s also critical to determine whether you risk freezing or spoiling foods at a rapid rate?

When considering these things, remember that indoor temperatures, and outdoor temperatures can differ enormously.

It May Not Be The Best Option For You

In some cases, a regular heater may be a better option than an air-cooled chiller. It just depends on what exactly you need the chiller for and how much heat you need it to provide. You may find that under some circumstances, a chiller can save you thousands of dollars in heating/electricity bills each year.

Make Sure You Know What You Need It For

Originally, air-cooled chillers were not actually meant to warm large buildings at all. This just happens to be an extra perk that many people are now taking advantage of. In fact, something interesting to know is that the intended purpose of an air-cooled chiller is to absorb heat from process water. In instances where you are dealing with extremely hot water, this can help to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire and other occupational hazards.

As long as you are not bothered by the additional heat it discharges, or this may even be a selling point for you, air-cooled chillers can be a fantastic investment and can even end up saving you money in the long run!


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