Thursday, April 18, 2024

Selling a property can be stressful, especially if the estimates you’re getting for your property don’t align with what you know it’s worth. Instead of sucking it up and listing for lower, consider making it so that buyers can see the value you do.

Follow these three simple tips, and you may be able to bump up the price of your home: and still sell as quickly as you want to sell.

Stage Your Home

Houses that are well-staged sell faster and for far more money than their unstaged counterparts. You can stage with your furniture if you own lovely pieces or pay to rent from a company that will stage your home for you.

Staging fills the home with attractive and high-end items that make properties look like they came out of a HomeGoods magazine instead of just the place you lived for the last few years. Although it can be shocking to see the place you called home transformed like this, it’s a significant financial investment that will help increase your property’s value.

Ensure It’s Cleaned And Fresh

Cleaning your home can leave it feeling brand new. Although sweeping and mopping is a good start, you must try to scrub away any remnant of your family in the house. You can have the carpets deep cleaned, work to get out stains in the grout and tiles, and wipe down each room’s baseboards and trim.

Pay special attention to the bathrooms and kitchen.

These spaces are often the first to get dirty, and keeping them clean allows the buyers to think about themselves in the house rather than thinking about who used that shower last. When asking yourself, ‘What is my home worth?’ consider asking instead, ‘What am I willing to make my home look like it’s worth?’

You can help walls look cleaner by repainting. Pay a little more for a good paint, because it’ll make a space look more expensive and luxurious. Buyers will catch themselves considering where they’d hang their goods in their home before they can stop themselves.

Wait To Sell, If Necessary and You Can Afford To

Although it would be nice if life lined up the way we often need it to, sometimes you may find that you’re trying to sell your home and your city’s in a buyers’ market. This frustration can be overwhelming since it often means that you may have to sell your home for less than you feel it’s worth and give in to what the buyers want despite the costs.

If your city is in a buyers’ market, and you can afford to wait: wait! These markets can change from month to month, or year to year, so give it time. In 2020 houses in rural areas like Douglas, Arizona, that had been on the market for years were suddenly getting snatched up by buyers wanting to leave the cities far higher than they originally wanted.

Be patient if you can; good buyers come to those who wait.


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