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A slip and fall accident usually results in minor and insignificant injuries. Many people slip and fall every day in winter because of the snow, but they do not sustain severe injuries as the snow acts as a layer of defense. But when a victim encounters a slip and fall accident in a shopping mall, they can get severely injured. You can learn about the best practices to make sure you did not get a serious injury in an accident, on this website:

Suppose a victim gets into a slip-and-fall accident in a shopping mall or at somebody else’s property. In that case, they can file a premises liability lawsuit with the help of an East Hartford personal injury lawyer. A lawyer can help the victim compensate for the injuries they have sustained. 

The role of medical attention after a slip and fall accident. 

As mentioned earlier, that slip and fall accidents frequently result in minor injuries, severe injuries are also encountered; some of these include:

  • Brain injuries. 
  • Fractures. 
  • Spinal cord injuries. 
  • Dislocation of joints. 
  • Internal injuries. 

Some Injuries are visible immediately after the accident, while symptoms of some injuries appear after a while. For example, internal damage may not be visible after the accident, and the victim may not even notice it. Still, in a few hours or a couple of days, the victim starts facing issues because of the injuries. This makes it highly important to get medical attention. A victim should get a complete body check-up to rule out any probabilities of complications in the future. 

Role of medical reports when filing a lawsuit. 

A victim filing a lawsuit to get compensation for their injuries has to prove several key elements if they want complete compensation. One of the essential elements includes evidence. 

A victim should have sufficient evidence indicating that the accident occurred, the at-fault party was negligent, and the injuries occurred due to the accident. Here the medical reports of the victim come into play. 

The official medical reports indicate that the injuries sustained by a victim were entirely due to the slip and fall accident. A defendant may argue that the victim already had injuries, but a medical report will clarify it.  

How do collecting medical bills help when filing a lawsuit? 

After a car accident in East Hartford, a victim visits the hospital to get medical attention and pays medical bills. Also, they pay for medication required in the course of recovery and other physiotherapy or psychotherapy. Collecting these bills helps evaluate the compensation amount that a victim should rightfully receive. 


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