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A translation agency is an organization that provides its clients with high-quality translations of documents for a fee. Translation agencies usually have access to a network of professional translators, so they can provide you with translations in more than two languages. Translation agencies tend to be more expensive than freelance translators because they need to maintain their office, marketing effort, and other administrative burdens. A translation agency is a perfect choice if you need your documents translated quickly and professionally.

A translation agency has the infrastructure to provide quality assurance for your project. They have a project management system that will ensure the progress of your project from start to finish, and they have experts who can perform quality checks on the translated content to make sure it is error-free.

A translation agency can offer you a variety of options for your projects, as they often have extensive networks of translators. If you need more than one language pair or a specific language combination, you can get all the work done by one company, instead of having to manage several different translators at the same time.

How to Translate Documents for USCIS

It’s important to note that not all translation services are created equal. When translate documents for uscis it’s critical that you work with an agency that offers certified translations. At ITS, our translators have vast experience working with the USCIS. They have translated thousands of documents into more than 100 languages, including Spanish, French and Chinese.

To ensure the accuracy of their work, our translators must adhere to strict standards of quality control. In fact, one of our translators must verify each project before it is released to the customer. Each certified translation agency USA project comes with a signed statement from the translator certifying its accuracy as well as a seal from our company.

Kings of Translation is a translation agency USA providing a wide range of language services. Our team consists of professional translators and native speakers. We help our clients to succeed in the international market, so we do our best to translate their materials into the required language. We work with many companies, corporations, and individuals helping them to negotiate with foreign partners, move abroad, etc.

Our goal is to make our customers successful in business. We help them conquer new markets and succeed in the international market. When we have a task from a client, he tells us what he wants us to translate and into which language. Then our managers choose the most suitable translator for this particular project according to his specialization. He translates your text, and then we check it for grammar mistakes and edit it if necessary. After that, we send it to you and wait for your feedback. If something needs to be fixed, we will do it for free.

Our Translation Process

The translation process starts with your project manager learning about your project to determine the best way for us to proceed. We will provide you with a customized quote based on the type of project you have, like a website translation or legal document translation, the language combination(s), and the turnaround time (TAT) required for delivery. Once we receive confirmation from you, our team will move forward with your project:

Select the most qualified translators based on their knowledge of the subject matter and language pair. Assign an editor who will proofread the work and make any necessary edits before returning it back to our quality assurance team for another round of review.


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