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A very common question in some translation projects is how much alternative will be chosen: crowdsourcing or professional services

When the need arises to translate a document, a website or any other content from one language to another, many people and companies do not know what is best. Therefore, opinions are divided between professional translation or that made by websites, applications or the crowdsourcing system.

Each of these alternatives has very evident characteristics, which will make all the difference in the final result. Therefore, it is important to know these characteristics in depth, to understand whether there is much difference between a professional English translator, crowdsourcing and machine translation.

What is crowdsourcing

The term crowdsourcing has a similar meaning to the source of the crowd, coming from the crowd. This concept is widely used today, in Google reviews, Wikipedia and on ride sites, for example.

When it comes to crowdsourcing for translation, it means that that work will be delegated to one or more people, who are unlikely to have the necessary capacity to perform a perfect service.

Of course, there are many people who participate in crowdsourcing for translation, they are quite intelligent and engaged in their projects, but that does not necessarily mean that the translation will come out exactly the way the client likes it.

One of the things that comes to mind for companies that want to opt for this method is economy, since it will not be necessary to hire a professional English translator. However, this savings is not always true.

When opting for crowdsourcing, the contractor will not always know who is actually doing the job and how it is being done. There is no way to have control over this information, as well as the real commitment of the team of translators.

As much as the crowdsourcing translation is done with reasonable quality, a very important step in the translation process will be missed, which is the work review. After all, this is not a responsibility that can be delegated to a crowdsourcing team.

In the end, the amount spent for this service will not be that low, since there may be several people involved in this process and who will also want to receive your share.

And are the translation sites reliable?

A Translation in Dubai website can help a lot to understand the context of some content. Therefore, whenever it is necessary to capture at least the main message of an article or content, Google Translate and other translators out there will do the job.

When it comes to a professional translation project, this option is no longer recommended. The translation tools that a professional uses are quite different from those for automatic translation, with a much higher degree of reliability.

The translation sites also have a service that works in a similar way to crowdsourcing, which is the evaluation of the automatic translations offered by it. Thus, real users give their opinions as to the understanding of the translated term, whether it is good or can be modified.

Even so, even with all the efforts of technology and the support of employees, relying on machine translation to the point of equating it with professional service is still a distant reality, and one that will probably never be achieved.

Is it better to have a professional English translator?

Without a doubt! Professional translators perform a very high quality service, since they have studied hard so that they could practice this profession.

Beyond translating a term or phrase, an English translator strives to make the entire context of the translation as fluid and natural as possible, so that it appears that the content has already been created in that language, and not translated from any other.

This adaptation of the content encompasses the social and economic context of the country in which the content was created, takes slang and popular expressions into account and translates them into the best correspondent, even if the words or expressions do not have the same literal translation.

For this reason, even though the time of translation services is slightly longer than that provided by crowdsourcing and automatic translation sites, the quality of the result is incomparable. Therefore, the best choice is a human translator.



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