Thursday, June 20, 2024

If you’re thinking about selling clothes online, whether you’re going to be selling new clothes or selling clothes that you’ve previously bought and worn, there are a few things you should do or know in order to sell as successfully as possible.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for successfully selling clothes online. 

Find The Right People At The Right Places

For those who have a lot of new clothes they’ll be selling, posting all of your available clothing to your own website is a great choice. However, until you get enough people coming to your website, you may want to post your available clothing on other websites or selling platforms, too.

To find the best platform to sell your clothes, Kelsey Sheehy, a contributor to, advises that you learn what type of people are purchasing which types of clothing from the various platforms available. Some websites and apps cater more toward higher end clothing while others find that selling more fast fashion clothes is what sells best. So before you start posting your clothes, make sure you do some research into which platform should perform best for the types of clothes you’re selling. 

Take Photos With The Clothes On

When you’re ready to start posting your clothes on whatever platform you choose, you’ll want to do everything in your power to make the clothes as appealing as possible so people will want to buy them.

To help you do this, Samantha Peters, a contributor to Real Simple, recommends that you post pictures with the clothes on your body rather than just laying flat or even on a mannequin. By showing the clothes on an actual body, your shoppers will be able to see how the clothes fit on people. This can help them to know if they’d like wearing the clothes when they aren’t able to try them on prior to purchasing. 

Give As Much Info As Possible

Along with the pictures that you post of the clothes you’re selling, you should also include as much information about the clothes as you have available to you.

According to Aron Hsiao, a contributor to The Balance Small Business, some of the information that you should include in each posting of clothes you’re selling online could be the exact measurements of the clothing and the sizes that clothes will fit on, what the fabric is made out of and where it was made, and what the washing instructions are. You should also include the brand of clothing, the style of the item you’re selling, and the exact color. 

If you’re wanting to sell clothes online, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find more success with these ventures. Get more tips about tricks for growing your online business on this dedicated website:


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