Thursday, April 18, 2024

Working in the food industry is exciting and rewarding. Food manufacturers go to work every day, knowing that their efforts contribute to helping a myriad of people eat a balanced diet.

For those starting in the food manufacturing industry, as well as seasoned professionals, it is critical to stay up to date with all the latest technology and equipment to help you adhere to regulations while improving your products.

Below are seven of the most fantastic equipment food manufacturers need.

Sorting Machines

Experienced workers in the food industry know that good sorting machines will help process more materials and produce more products.

Every company from large organizations with operations spanning across continents to modest businesses with single-digit employees needs reliable sorting machines to help them process more and find defective materials easily.

Whether in the early stages of production or at the end of the production line, sorting machines are your ally.

Cleaning Machines

Cleaning is an essential aspect of every operation in the food industry. You will need cleaning machines and cleaning personnel to ensure that your products are perfect.

We have cleaning machines that clean unwanted materials such as soil, chemicals, insects, skins, and the likes from our raw materials.

Some cleaning machines utilize wet processes such as spray washers and sterilizers, while others work with dry processes such as air classifiers.

Grading Machines

If there is one industry where size matters, it will be the food industry. For those working in the food industry, sorting materials into sizes will help in many ways, including making it easier for machines to process and for humans to grade.

Grading machines help you access different food matter characteristics, including colour, skin, aroma, flavour, and much more to ascertain the overall quality of materials.

Weighing Scales

Creating products in the food industry is a sensitive process, and every centimetre, gram, and tonne matters.

To make sure you are using the right blend of materials, you will most likely need industrial weighing scales.

Industrial food manufacturing has a lot in common with cooking. Still, when manufacturing food industrially, your recipe book will require more than a tablespoon of salt.

You may require a truck full of salt each time you cook, and you will need weighing scales to get it right.

Preservation Equipment

Have you ever wondered why a lot of items you buy off-the shelves at your local supermarket have long lifespans, while their fresh counterparts can barely last for a day?

To make perishable goods last longer, they need to underdo preservation processes such as water reduction, refrigeration, and chemical preservation.

A considerable amount of the food created by industrial food manufacturers is made to last, thereby sacrificing freshness.

Size Altering Machines

In industrial food manufacturing, it is not unusual for the size of materials and ingredients to be altered.

Not just that, a lot of times when we cook, we cut ingredients to make them more manageable. When trying to reduce the size of materials, you may utilize grinding or crushing machines such as band saws, meat grinders, and even slicing machines.

When you are interested in increasing the size of materials, you may need to utilize extrusion machines, agglomeration machines, and the likes.

Food Packaging Equipment

After you have completed the production stages and created a fantastic product that follows all the safety guidelines, you will need a package to help you sell your products to consumers.

Good food packaging should keep its content safe and unaltered while also being aesthetically pleasing to attract customers.

As a food manufacturer, you will need food packaging equipment capable of protecting your product while also being fast.


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