Thursday, April 18, 2024

Interior design businesses worldwide have been facing an uphill battle to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the pandemic cutting into their profitability. As a result, several firms have closed. As The BBC notes, businesses worldwide have been struggling to keep their doors open through lockdowns. The most effective way that many companies have found to reduce operating costs is to rely on software for some of their needs. Software can aid design businesses in several ways. This article examines how appropriately applied software can make a difference and potentially save a design business firm closure.

Planning and Scheduling

Most designers used to have a calendar or planner with them that allowed them to keep track of days. Unfortunately, technology has made planners obsolete. Most professionals who still have planners realize that they miss many of the things they should be adding in there due to convenience. For an interior design business, setting up planning and scheduling is relatively easy. Google Calendar syncs with email and can be used as a comprehensive tool to help employees and professionals know who’s doing what. Additionally, project management tools like Asana and Trello can further break down tasks and assign each subtask to an individual.

Software for Speeding Up Designing

Conceptual designs usually mean that the designer will be drawing projections. Thanks to modern technology, this doesn’t always have to be the case. SketchUp allows designers to leverage a computer-aided design suite’s power to help with the placement of items. If you have a bit more time, money, and skill, you could pick up one of the several architectural suites available. Design software like AutoCAD, Chief Architect, and others allow designers to design floor space and then do a render to see how it looks. This render can be the basis for a client adding to or taking away from their interior design.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Capterra notes that 47% of CRM users indicated that they retained more customers using a CRM service than they did before. Customer relationship management offers a tool that helps small businesses create more substantial connections with their clients. Increased availability of information that the company can use means that firms can spot the weak areas they have in dealing with clients and adapt. Tools like Zendesk, for example, can be crucial in building deeper relationships with clients, which can lead to better retention and loyalty.

Growing a Business with Technology Tools

It’s challenging in this day and age to grow a small business without the help of technology. The tools that tech offers can help a company compete with much larger entities. However, it’s about choosing the right tools for your business. You wouldn’t ask a plumber to install a quartz countertop so why would you trust your business to unproven software? Look at the options and what each offers before you decide on one that works for your business. The choice could mean the difference between weathering and storm and succumbing to it.


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