Thursday, April 18, 2024

As a fully integrated B2B sales and marketing agency, SalesFish understands the entire picture on creating success. Most companies focus on just one piece of the sales equation. With SalesFish, you receive a company with a deep understanding of a target demographic, communication, relationships, and overall credibility.

There are four priorities we focus on for our telemarketing service providers:

  • Primary Research
  • Pre and Post-Event Calls
  • Audience Acquisition, Exhibit Sales, and Sponsorship Sales
  • Cross Sell Strategies

Using Primary Research to Focus Outreach and Customer Response

Targeting primary research helps to narrow down the customers you want to reach and avoid wasting time and money on the wrong audience. Primary research can save a company thousands of dollars per year. Ultimately, obtaining a deep understanding of the target demographic, the way in which they prefer to communicate, and the best way to create trusting relationships is what enables a company to focus their outreach efforts and increase customer response.

Why Pre and Post-Event Calls are So Important?

There is more to telemarketing than the actual call. What comes before and after theses calls are just as important as the call itself. Instead of seeing the organization as separate sales, telemarketing, and outside sales departments, we focus on integrating marketing, telemarketing, and the sales departments. We believe that finding a strategic approach to marketing should be synergistically interrelated.

Audience Acquisition, Exhibit Sales, and Sponsorship Sales

Getting your audience to “plug in” to your message is vital. That’s why our marketing motto is “every event, every time.” Although difficult to perform alone, it is easily achievable and seamless with SalesFish. We guarantee event success with a combination of a targeted audience acquisition, exhibit sales, and sponsorship sales activities.

Telemarketing Cross Sell Strategies Work Best When Integrated

SalesFish recognizes that for complete success, a company must promote inside sales, telemarketing, and outside sales within an organization’s push for sales. To completely see the cross-sell strategy work, all areas between marketing, inside sales, and the telemarketing department must work cohesively together. We recognize the vital link between inside sales, outside sales, and telemarketing.

When combined with our other priorities, we bring customers a full-service, integrated partner for sales, marketing, and telemarketing. See a brighter, secure future with less headaches and more success when you partner with SalesFish.


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