Friday, May 24, 2024

Pushing your business and increasing your sales is something you should be doing as soon as possible. If you are not focused on growing sales, you will find that your business will become stagnant, and this is when the competition will strike. To increase sales, you can upsell to existing customers, but how do you do this, and what do you need to do to action this?

Give Them a Little Gift

You could look at giving your existing customers a little gift to make them feel valued and appreciated. This gift could be something that is personal to them, or it could be a branded item such as a piece of stationery. The gift could be given at a special time of the year, such as Christmas, or it could be given on the anniversary of the customer joining your business/ buying from you. If you are looking at giving a little gift, you will want to focus on the packaging as much as the gift itself. Christmas packaging ideas can be as creative as the gift you give your customers, and the introduction of your branding and business will help them remember why they use your time and time again.

Use a Comparison With Other Products

Upselling is much easier to do when you are making comparisons with existing products. These products may be from your current lines, or they may be in relation to what your competitors are offering. Customers want and need convenience, and when they can see products and services compared side by side, they can then make an informed choice. Plus, they can then see the benefits that your upsell is offering them.

Discount the Product You Are Upselling

Every customer is price-conscious, and to be sure you make sales, you will want to discount the product you are upselling. You don’t have to massively reduce items, and you should not look at taking a loss, either. However, you should look at discounting to make a product just that little bit more appealing. When you are thinking about the costs of products, always look at average customer spending. Don’t try and upsell a product that costs more than the average spend.

Be Transparent and Honest

Customers want to buy more from you, but only if you are transparent and honest about what you are selling, what it costs, and how much value it adds. If you are not honest and transparent, you will find that many customers will see straight through this, and they will struggle to trust you again in the future.

Don’t Be Pushy

No customer wants to feel pressured or pushed into buying an upsell from your business. It is important that they never feel this way; if they do, you will find that they will leave your business and move over to your competitors. Always regularly review how you are selling, and make sure you are selling in a non-aggressive and non-pushy tone and manner.


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