Friday, May 24, 2024

Unless you have an eye-catching booth, being a trade show or any similar event doesn’t make much of a difference. When you are up against your competitors and need to stand out, you have to think beyond the ordinary. In this post, we are discussing the latest trends related to trade show displays and booths for the current year.

Tapping on senses

Today, attendees expect to get involved at events, and therefore, when you use products and displays that can tap into their multiple senses, it is always an advantage. For instance, you would have an animal display wall, which allows them to check your products and offerings. Interactive displays have been around for a while, and you can also find cutouts in a similar style. More brands are also investing in virtual reality stations, which allow interaction and fun at once.

Adding a touch of nature

Companies are also implementing natural elements into their stands and booths to make the area more comfortable and cozier. Otherwise, most spaces look and feel the same. A good way to do this is to use recycled wood, stone-inspired flooring, and living plants. You can also consider a theme entirely based on giving them an outdoor experience.

Making the most of graphics

While graphics have been a traditional component for designing trade shows, vendors and suppliers are now toying with innovative and attractive ideas. Examples would be multi-dimensional banners, graphic flooring, and mood lighting using colors and themes.   

Getting started with your booth design

  1. Firstly, define your audience because the choice of colors, displays, and everything else largely depends on who you are catering to.
  2. Look for a good trade show booth design service. Find one that understands your niche and can offer bespoke solutions.
  3. Invest in displays that can be reused. Your company would be present at many shows and events, and it makes no sense to invest in similar products repeatedly.
  4. Create a budget. Always set a budget so that you can work with the vendor and find exhibits, banners, and displays that can be effectively used for the right kind of messaging.
  5. Start early to plan better. If you work on an event with ample time in hand, you will have room to experiment and think of new ideas.

Always define your brand goals and focus on the USPs to create the ideal trade show booth. 


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