Thursday, June 20, 2024

You’ve probably heard about SEO and wondered if it’s something worth taking into consideration. How can it help your company grow, bringing new clients and valuable profits? Although it’s been with us for quite a long time, it’s still one of the most effective and popular types of online marketing. Without it, your business can be lost in the crowd. Competition doesn’t sleep, so it’s important to stay even a small step ahead.

The definition of SEO

SEO involves all of the processes that are responsible for bringing your website higher in search engine ranks. It includes activities that can be done on-site as well as those which are applied off-site. What’s the difference?

All of the on-site tasks you need to complete to make your website more visible come down to keeping it in order. You have to take care of its content, appropriate keywords and their density in the text, its speed, mobile friendliness, and there’s definitely more. The additional plus is that all of the effort will also make your website more likeable, pleasant, and user-friendly.

As far as off-site SEO is concerned – the process focuses on getting high quality backlinks transferring to your website. If the links are posted on valuable sites, yours also gets a better reputation and is ranked better in search engine results.

To achieve success, you need to combine the two types of web positioning. Making them both work will bring you closer to being number one, or at least one of the top ten.

How does SEO work?

First, you should know that search engines have their little helpers – not the ones that support Santa but the automated robotic ones. They provide many different information about a website, determining whether it is worth visiting or not. What they’re interested in are:

  • Internal links
  • Page speed
  • Backlinks
  • Title and description tags
  • Headings
  • Proper keywords

And these are only some of the most essential, more than 200 factors considered by the Google algorithm. We should also remember that the bots aren’t human and they are prone to limitations. They don’t see a website like your potential customer. They crawl its code, so you can’t really impress them with an appealing design, interesting videos and effects. Actually, they don’t even understand your content.

Should you invest in SEO?

If you want your website to be visible in Google, interesting for you potential clients and better than the competition’s one, web positioning can help a great deal. It will make your content more valuable and attractive and your website more user friendly and intuitive. If a customer doesn’t understand what you’re trying to offer or the steps of the purchase are not clear, he’ll easily resign and turn to your competitor. You probably don’t want that.

SEO is also cheaper and more effective than paid ads. It brings long-lasting results, whereas the ads work only if they are paid for. Nevertheless you should remember that it’s a long process. Getting higher in search engine results can take weeks or even months, but it’s definitely worth it.


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